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    England nowadays
  • Overview
    Walston is typical of many towns in England where community relations are at an all time low. The arrival of a young enthusiastic and rather unconventional catholic priest sparks problems for the established drugs dealers and the youth of Walston.Fr.Mike witnesses the murder of a young Muslim lad in his first week and is fired into action to resolve the youth problems of the town. He and the local Imam join forces to bring a greater harmony between the various faiths and cultures of Walston. Sub plots include the developing relationship between a Catholic boy and a Muslim girl-much to the disapproval of their parents. The play explores the changing attitudes and prejudices prevalent in multi cultural society of today. Needless to say, good triumphs over evil and presents the audience with appositive way forward, encouraging those watching to see the many ways in which they can be influential in the development of their own community. It is a fast moving production interspersed with truly memorable songs adding weight to the complex relationships which weave their story into the unfolding themes and drama of the play.