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  • Author
    Patrick Marber
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Closer is the story of two couples entangled love affairs. The play opens with the meeting of Alice and Dan (an obituary writer) - originally played by Clive Owen. The play is set in London but Alice is American, a foreign, and 'dis-arming' persence. The love story merges into a tale of betrayal and abandonment once Dan meets Anna (a photographer). Alice has become Dan's muse and Dan write's a novel about her life by titles in Aquarium which directly relates to Anna. Unbeknown to himself Dan plays cupid with Anna and in a hilarious internet chatroom scene sets her up with Larry (a doctor). Anna begins to have an affair with Dan while he is still with Alice. Anna even marries Larry. Eventaully Alice leaves Dan and becomes a stripper where she encounters Larry. Alice and Larry become lovers. Closer is the s tory for 4 strangers' random meetings and casual deceptions. The play jumps from year to year and everytually ends in the discovery that Alice was not the person she claimed to, every act had been triggered by Alice's lies and thus nothing between the four character was ever true.

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Alternative Names

'Closer' by Patrick Marber