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  • Author
    Amy Bell, Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Lise Manavit, Simon Palmer, Phil Williams
  • Written
  • Setting
    East Germany 20th century
  • Overview
    Imagine a place where thoughts are overheard and dreams are monitored; where intimate letters get scanned and a warped sense of reality rules over reason. In our surveillance-obsessed times, TrAPPED explores notions of personal freedom.

    Unfolding like a film, TrAPPED tells the stories of five characters in a surreal Kafkaesque landscape. Subtly, a commentary emerges on the CCTV-laden world of today and the bygone era of the German Democratic Republic.

    A tragicomic world, both poetic and dark, is evoked through original music, spoken word, contemporary mime and striking choreography that ingeniously uses set and props (The Scotsman on More Grim(m) Desires).