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  • Author
    Ghost River Theatre
  • Written
  • Overview
    The story centres on a young girl living a banal and meaningless existence working as a customer service agent in a grocery store. She, like everyone else in the cast, remains nameless throughout the play. Her days consist of taking abuse from customers and anxiously waiting for closing time so she can indulge in alcohol and drugs to help forget her life for the time being. The parties she goes to put her amongst a crowd of people, but ultimately she is alone.

    Meanwhile her older sister is desperately trying to reach her by text message. Unlike her younger sister, she is completely civically engaged and ramping up for some kind of protest that we can only assume is anti-government or at least anti-authority. Despite the older sister’s pleas to join her in the cause, the younger sister will have none of it. All she wants is to numb reality away, not confront it as part of a mass protest.