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  • Author
    Arthur Kober and Joshua Logan
  • Written
  • Overview
    Camp Karefree is a mountain resort for adults. Teddy Stern, depressed and stressed about her upcoming marriage to Herman Fabricant, a man she doesn't love, arrives on doctor's orders to get rest. She is met by her flirtatious blonde bombshell friend Fay Fromkin. Fay introduces the social director, Itchy, an all-around entertainer, who is her "special friend" ("Social Director"). Fay soon becomes entranced with the new athletic director, Harry Green ("Shopping Around"). Before long, Teddy too finds herself becoming entangled romantically with one of the waiters who is also a dancer, charming law student Chick Miller. Since one of his jobs is to dance with the unattached women, Chick spends the evening with Fay ("Tripping the Light Fantastic").

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