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  • Author
    David Wood
  • Written
  • Setting
    The big wide world
  • Overview
    After rescuing a toy duck from the dustbin in their backyard, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Wheeler, two temporarily nomadic garden gnomes, decide to venture over the garden wall into the big wide world.

    Their object is to find a holiday island, just like the ‘Big Ones’, but being unused to the hazards of the concrete jungle of the town, they almost don’t make it. Until they meet Chips, that is.

    Chips is a very cool cat, and with his help the gnomes and Baby Duck survive several urban adventures before reaching their island in the sun. Although it is not quite as expected (a traffic island!), they all agree that it is the best holiday they have ever had. In the end, however, they return to their backyard, taking the homeless chips with them, and, happy and content, they agree that there’s no place like home!

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