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  • Author
    John Cooper
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Cooper's play cuts through the political spin and looks at the increasingly complex cultural mix that is London today, in the process, daring to ask: if you're an attractive young girl from Romania, which will get you further - a GCSE or a G-string?

    Chris, a stressed-out teacher spends his evenings in a Lap Dance club where he meets the beautiful Ylenia, a Romanian exotic dancer providing special services for those who can afford it.

    His wife Marie, an exhausted NHS doctor, finds herself charmed by Sorin, an enigmatic East-European attempting to make a fast euro. When Chris' daughter Sophie, college girl and rock chic wannabe, brings home black musician Billy, the cultural melting-pot begins to overheat.

    Described as 'fast-moving, street-wise and humorous', The Education of a Lap Dancer examines values and morals in a London undergoing rapid cultural change, where sex as ever, is a powerful and irresistible driving force.

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