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    Eteocles, youngest son of Oedipus claimed the throne after his father’s demise, but Polynices (Oedipus’s elder son) felt that he had more right to the throne and gathered an army to attack Thebes. In the battle both brothers killed each other and Creon claimed the throne. Creon declares that Eteocles will have a hero’s burial for his bravery in defending Thebes, but his brother Polynices will be denied a proper burial. His body will be left to rot outside the city’s gates and anyone who attempts to bury him will be sentenced to death. Antigone (Oedipus’ daughter) ignores her sister Ismene’s pleas and buries her brother according to the rituals, but she is caught and Creon sentences her and Ismene to death. Creon’s son Haemon pleads Antigone’s case as he is engaged to marry her, but his father mocks him. Creon decides to let Ismene off as it is clear she was not involved and sends Antigone to a cave where she is blocked in and left to starve.
    Creon is then visited by Tiresias, the blind prophet, who claims that the gods are angry with Creon for disallowing Polynices funeral. In an attempt to please the gods, Creon buries Polynices and goes to set Antigone free. Unfortunately he is too late, she has hung herself. On discovering this, Haemon then tries to stab his father but misses and turns the knife on himself. Creon returns home to find that his wife, Eurydice, has also killed herself after learning that her son is dead. Creon is forced to face the consequences of his actions.