Plays Directory : Karamazoo

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  • Author
    Philip Ridley
  • Written
  • Setting
    East London
  • Overview
    Karamazoo is a fifteen-minute monologue from an east London teenager called Ace. Two versions of the play exist, for male and female actors respectively. Ace is the most popular boy/girl at school, waiting at a bus stop for a date. Through his/her interaction with the audience, we discover that Ace's recent surge in popularity is the result of a personality "makeover" following the death of a parent; in recounting the fairytale stories told by the dead father/mother, Ace reveals how much the loss still haunts them and realises the vacuousness and selfishness

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Tom Stacy
2010, Ace
Brighton Fringe
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Tom Buchanan
2003, Ace
White Cliffs Theatre/Brighton Dome