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  • Author
    Natalia Pelevine
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    The story of a terrorist attack that grabbed headlines all over the world. During a performance of the popular musical 'Nord Ost' Chechen rebels took control of a Moscow theatre. Men, women and children were held captive inside the auditorium for 57 hours while the Russian government debated how to react. During that time hostages communicated freely with their captors. When federal forces finally stormed the building they used a gas which killed 150 hostages. 41 hostage takers, 19 of whom were women (the so called 'Black Widows') also lost their lives.

    The story of this tragedy is told from the perspective of two women - a terrorist and a hostage. They come from utterly different worlds yet find a deep connection. It is a tense, difficult and dangerous relationship which, in the end, takes an unexpected turn.

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