Plays Directory : Rough Crossing

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Connected mandy members:

Oliver Ellerton
Oliver Ellerton
2019, Production Carpenter
UK Tour
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson
Lighting Programmer
2019, LX #1 / Relighter
Various (Tour)
Simon Michael - Morgan
2019, Understudy (Gal/Ivor)
National Tour
Georgina Wilmer
2014, Natasha Navratilova
Sally Brooks
Sally Brooks
2011, Choreographer
Emmeline Harris
Emmeline Harris
Costume Maker
2011, Costume Maker
Michael Fenner
2011, Ivor Fish
Robert Traynor
2011, Gal
English Theatre Vienna
Andrew Macbean
2011, Turai
Vienna's English Theatre
Simon Wilkinson
Simon Wilkinson
Lighting Designer
2010, Lighting Designer
Beth Rennie
Beth Rennie
Deputy Stage Manager
2010, ASM (on the book)
John Fantasia
2006, Ivor Fish
Carl Randolph
2003, Ivor Fish
Mark Kydd
Mark Kydd
1994, Adam Adam