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  • Author
    Bryony Lavery
  • Written
  • Overview
    The title of the play refers to Todd’s (Socratis Otto) and Kali’s (Leeanna Walsman) holiday destination in a few days time. First they must survive Todd’s birthday meal, which he is cooking himself. The title also refers to Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological condition where hostages feel sympathy for hostage takers. The syndrome also manifests itself when victims of domestic violence refuse to press charges out of love for their partner.

    The implication here is that Todd is trapped in a relationship with the increasingly paranoid Kali. Kali suffers constant “retro jealousy” over Todd’s past lovers and searches his mobile phone for the numbers of strange women. The cycle of their relationship is so routine, that they often speak about themselves in third person, as if just going through the motions.

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