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  • Author
    Peter Morgan
  • Written
  • Overview
    A fictionalization of the famous interviews that David Frost conducted with disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon in 1977, as a part of Nixon’s efforts to improve his image. Nixon, living in San Clemente in Orange County, California, agreed to the interviews when prompted to do so by his literary agent, Irving Lazar. Frost hires investigators to look into the Watergate Scandal and attempts to find the money to pay Nixon for the interviews. Nixon spends much of the time utilizing monologues to try and redeem himself, focusing on topics that he knew, understood, and contributed substantially to, and keeping Frost from asking too many questions. When a drunken Nixon states to Frost in a phone call that the final interview will make or break either of their careers, Frost becomes much sterner, forcing Nixon to admit that some of his actions were illegal. Nixon ultimately says that he did participate in a cover-up and that he screwed up. Later, Nixon asks Frost if he told Frost anything while he was drunk, but Frost lies about their conversation, stating that Nixon said nothing of any import.