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  • Author
    Dylan Thomas
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Originally written for radio but is often produced on the stage. The narrative covers the events of a day in Llarregub, a fictional fishing village on the Welsh coast (said to be based on Laugharne and Swansea). First Voice and Second Voice, the narrators, introduce and describe the village and its many quirky inhabitants in great detail, guiding us through their daily lives from before sunrise through a 24 hour cycle. There are over fifty characters represented (which requires multiple doubling from the performers). Some appear very briefly, others are followed throughout the day, including; Captain Cat, the retired blind sea captain who watches everyone from his lookout with the ghostly memory of his one love, Rosie Probert; Reverend Eli Jenkins, the priest who loves the town with all his heart; Polly Garter, the ever-pregnant village bicycle; Mr Pugh the schoolteacher who continues to plot the murder of his sour wife; Organ Morgan the music-obsessed organist and his long-suffering wife; Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and the ghosts of her two husbands stifled by her obsessive cleanliness; Mog Edwards and Myfanwy Price, the money-focussed lovers who communicate only by letter; Willy Nilly, the postman who knows everyone's news; Gossamer Beynon, the village beauty and Sinbad the publican who loves her in secret; the teasing butcher and his household, the baker with his two wives, the milkman, the fisherman, the school children, the gossiping women, the drinking men, all are present in the fast-moving text, full of humour and pathos.

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Alternative Names

Under Milkwood