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  • Author
    Grace Knight
  • Overview
    For one impossible evening, ghosts of the people we loved return, not as we saw them last, but as they were when they were most alive. But are you the same person now that you were when they loved you? Can you justify your present to the past?

    A shy academic, alone in his office after the funeral of his best friend, is surprised to see her ghost walk through the door not as the 94 year old he knew, but as she was at his age – wild, vivacious, and surprised to discover that she ever ends up being best friends with a man who can’t even down a bit of sherry without choking on it. Helen, middle aged and going through a messy divorce, is confronted with her husband as he was when she first fell for him, and Rich, 26 and still getting pocket money, finds himself justifying his drab existence to his old school friend.

    The Echo is a play about identity, about promises kept, and about time.