Plays Directory : The Fillacavity Hotel

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  • Author
    Kinetic Theatre Company
  • Overview
    This spooky story examines teeth, bones and nutrition in a style where Kinetic meets Fawlty Towers!

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Connected mandy members:

Tom Stentaford
2014, Douglas Bones
Fay Greenhalgh
2014, Hester Fillacavity, Flossie Hargreaves, Muriel Gum
Faye Morrison
2013, Hester/Muriel/Flossie
Meryl Keeble
Meryl Keeble
2012, Hester Fillacavity, Flossie Hargreaves & Muriel
Tour - South & West Yorkshire
Sarah-Louise Greer
2012, Hester Fillacavity/Muriel/Flossie Hargreaves
North East Tour
Emma Reade-Davies
2012, Hester Fillacavity/Muriel/Flossie Hargreaves
Touring Schools&Theatres
Andrew Utley
Andrew Utley
2012, Bob Stodge, Doug Bones, Flasher Gnasher
Claira Watson Parr
2005, Flossie
Kathryn Worthington
2004, Flossie Hargreaves
Paul Dunn
Paul Dunn
2001, Doug Bones / Flasher Gnasher / Bob Splodge
Rosehill Theatre / touring