Play directory : The Phoenix and the Carpet

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  • Author
    E. Nesbit
  • Written
  • Overview
    “The carpet – how much is it?”
    “As little as a dream, and as much as a kingdom...”

    On a cold November night, four adventurous children set off through old London town to buy a new carpet, replacing the one that they have accidentally ruined. They stumble upon a mysterious old man with a cart full of junk and treasures, and one carpet! When they get home they are in for a surprise – hidden deep within the carpet is a glowing, golden, translucent egg.

    When held to the light, it seems to have a fire burning within. Suddenly, out of the egg comes a bird so magnificent and so magical that their lives will be transformed forever. With the Phoenix as guide and a carpet that flies, the children are whisked off on adventures and escapades that they could scarcely dream of.
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: The Phoenix and the Carpet