Plays Directory : Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

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    The play takes place at Mr. Jourdain's house in Paris. Jourdain is a middle-aged "bourgeois" whose father grew rich as a cloth merchant. The foolish Jourdain now has one aim in life, which is to rise above this middle-class background and be accepted as an aristocrat.

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Connected mandy members:

Eleni Sfetsiori
2018, student /Grand Mufti
Espace K
Sam Claridge
Sam Claridge
2017, Monsieur Jourdain
Nicola Bernardelle
2017, Dance Mistress
Arran Pallan
Arran Pallan
Deputy Stage Manager
2017, Assistant Stage Manager Book Cover
Patricia Yardley Studio
Maria Balasoiu
2017, Marchioness Dorimène
Nicole Miners
2017, Lucile
Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Léa des Garets
2014, Madame Jourdain
Sean Rees
Sean Rees
2013, Mr Jourdain
Gaspard Legendre
2013, Covielle, Dorante
George Siena
George Siena
2013, Cléonte/Maître de Philosophie/Musicien
Cockpit Theatre - European tour
Alexi Parkin
Alexi Parkin
2012, Fencing Instructor
The Nightingale Brighton
Teresa Husher
2012, Madame Jourdain
Steve Chusak
Steve Chusak
2012, Cleonte
The Nightingale theatre
Giulia Menichelli
2012, Dorimene
Nightingale Theatre
Matt Hester
Matt Hester
2012, Dorante / Valet
The Nightingale, Brighton
Javier Rasero
2012, Dorante
Nightingale Theatre
Abigail Englefield
2012, Singing Mistress
The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton
Emma Wingrove
2012, Nicole
The Nightingale Theatre
Ottavia Trama
Ottavia Trama
Costume Designer
2012, Costume Designer
Pascale Potvin
2009, Lucile
Ste. Marguerite D'Youville