Plays Directory : Dreams

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  • Author
    Paul Bradley, Chris Phillips.
  • Written
  • Overview
    Michael, 18 finds out on his 18th birthday that his parents are not his actual parents at all. Brought up in a life of deception and mystery, he runs away in search of the truth. With only a photograph, a dream and a distant memory of a lullaby to go on, he sets off on a journey to find his real mother, and in turn, finds the true meaning of love, friendship and family along the way.

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Connected mandy members:

Lucille Mcdonald
2019, Christie
Novotel Worsley
Chris Bodley
Chris Bodley
Lighting Technician
2018, Show Control WDT
Walt Disney Theatre
Jennifer Spratt
2018, Debbie Ashford
Hallmark Birmingham
Joanna Wright
Joanna Wright
Set Designer
2016, Associate Designer
Lilian Baylis House
Madeleine Heaven
2016, Emaciated Woman
The Citadel
Veronica Baron
2016, Beheaded Woman
The Citadel
Oliwia Wojtowicz
Oliwia Wojtowicz
Child Actor
2015, a kid in pyjamas
Fi Hudson
Fi Hudson
2011, Dream 2
Stanwix Arts Theatre
Margaret Tully
2010, Melissa
Soho Theatre
Alana Schober
2006, Actor, Writer, Director
North Shore Drama Festival
Stewart McLaren
2005, Various roles
The Space, Dundee College
Neil Gregor
Neil Gregor
2005, Various Roles
The Space, Dundee
Alexandra Burgess
2005, performer
Siane Medoes
Siane Medoes
2004, no parts were allocated to anyone
Dijana Whitburn
2003, Ghost, Nazi Nurse
Barn Theatre, London