Plays Directory : The Glass Menagerie

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  • Author
    Tennessee Williams
  • Written
  • Setting
    St. Louis.
  • Overview
    A southern family, trapped by poverty and codependency, struggle to survive in St. Louis. The daughter, Laura, exists in a fantasy world where her very own "gentleman caller" awaits her. Even after Jim informs her of his impending marriage and permanent departure, Laura maintains her fantasy more securely than before.

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4 known characters

8 known roles

Connected mandy members:

Lex Stephenson
2020, Tom Wingfield
Harriet Stewart
Harriet Stewart
Company Stage Manager
2020, Stage Manager
Royal Exchange Theatre
Helen Cobb
Helen Cobb
Deputy Stage Manager
2019, Deputy Stage Manager
Watford Palace/Arcola Theatre
Harry Fearnley-Brown
Harry Fearnley-Brown
Production Manager
2019, Deputy Production Manager
Watford Palace Theatre / The Arcola
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott
2019, Laura Wingfield
Kathryn Hinton
2019, Laura
Tobit Luyeye Lemba
2019, Jim
Jacob Klick
Jacob Klick
2019, Tom Wingfield
Ruggero Franceschini
2018, Tom
Taraash Mehrotra
2018, Jim O'Connor
Dan Cuckow
Dan Cuckow
2018, Jim
Emily-Rose Hurdiss
2018, Laura
Georgia Daniels
2018, Amanda Wingfield
Molly Jennings
2018, LAURA
Jordan Danells
2018, Jim O'Connor (The Gentleman Caller)
Alma Tavern and Theatre (Bristol)
Adam Forrester
2018, Tom Wingfield
The Alma Tavern Theatre
Pauline Marion
2018, Laura Wingfield
Petir Jeu de Paume
Anna Romcke Hoiseth
2018, Amanda Wingfield
Sierra Byrd
Sierra Byrd
2018, Laura Wingfield
Louise Thomas
2018, Amanda Wingfield
Alma Tavern Theatre

Alternative Names

Glass Menagerie, The Glass Managerie