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  • Author
    Howard Ashman
  • Overview

    Music by Alan Menken; Book by Howard Ashman; Lyrics by Howard Ashman.

    Classic, camp and supremely entertaining musical
    comedy sci-fi in which a Skid Row loser sells his soul
    to a man eating plant from outer space.
    A lowly nerd and lifelong loser, bullied and abused by
    his boss at the seedy little plant shop where he
    works, Seymour longs for the big time..and the girl he
    can never get. His prayers are answered when a spore
    from outer space begins to grow in his shop and speaks
    to him, offering him the world- if he'll just feed it
    human victims!
    Crazy, hilarious, full bodied and with totally rocking
    tunes, this is one savoury treat not to be missed.

    Downtown New York and hapless flower shop assistant Seymour spends his days tending to his plants, being pushed around and admiring his co-worker Audrey from afar. When he happens upon a strange and mysterious looking plant (duly named Audrey Two) he takes it upon himself to carefully tend to its every need. Unfortunately as the plant grows and flourishes, it seems that what the plant needs is blood, human blood. As the plant finds its own voice events spiral out of control and Seymour finds himself in a predicament, should he kill to feed his new friend? A meal arrives in the shape of Audreys sadistic dentist boyfriend. After witnessing his ill-treatment of Audrey, Seymour convinces himself that its in everyones best interest to feed his plant and dispose of a nasty piece of work in the process.
    A murderous precedent has now been set and despite his love interest Audrey finally beginning to notice him, Seymour is tortured by what he must do to feed his plant. The plant is now large enough to fill the shop and has attracted media interest which sends profits through the roof. This pleases the owner Mushnik greatly and he even offers to adopt Seymour into his family (although this is largely motivated by money!). As the hapless Seymour and Audrey begin to fall in love the plant continues to grow and Seymour knows that it cannot be allowed to continue eating. After disposing of Mushnik and Seymour's beloved Audrey, the plant faces Seymour in a final showdown which results in tragedy and victory for the plant, which ultimately takes over the city, then the world!

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Alternative Names

A Little Shop of Horrors, Litte Shop Of Horrors, Little shop horrors, Little Shop Of Horror, Little Shop of Horros, litttle shop of horrors, The Little Shop of Horrors