Play directory : Sleep No More

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  • Author
    David Gillespie and Colin Wakefield
  • Written
  • Setting
    bare stage
  • Overview
    This supernatural thriller is set in a theatre that has been closed for sixty years following the accidental death of a child during rehearsals for Murder by Poison, a Victorian thriller
    Now Micky, the great-grandson of the theatre’s original owner, has set about restoring the theatre to the glory of its former heyday, and to cap his plans he’s intent on reviving the very same play to re-open the renovated theatre

    Only Micky’s elderly and eccentric father William knows the truth of what happened all those years ago

    He tries to warn Micky that the play is doomed and urges him to abandon his plans, but Micky ignores the warning – and as rehearsals progress, unusual and mysterious occurrences begin to mount with deadly and terrifying consequences