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  • Author
    Marc Camoletti
  • Written
  • Setting
    Bernard's apartment, Paris, France.
  • Overview
    Boeing-Boeing is a classic farce written by French playwright Marc Camoletti.

    Bernard, a successful Parisian architect, juggles three flight attendant fiancées: an American (Gloria), an Italian (Gabriella) and a German (Gretchen). He tracks their airlines' timetables, and his long-suffering housekeeper, Bertha, reluctantly resets the menus and bedroom decor depending on the arrivals and departures. Bernard has been successful at convincing each girl that she is the only one. Bernard's old school friend Robert arrives unexpectedly, and Bernard proudly explains to his wide-eyed visitor how he makes his busy romantic schedule run smoothly. He also has a fallback plan for keeping his fiancées separate, involving his country house. Unfortunately for Bernard, a new, faster Boeing jet has been introduced, changing the timetable. Weather delays occur, and complications arise when the girls' behavior does not match Bernard's careful planning.

    Robert steps in to help Bernard by keeping one or more of the girls busy as they arrive ahead of (or behind) schedule. It becomes more and more difficult for Bernard, Bertha and Robert to keep the girls separate once they all arrive, and the lies told become more and more difficult to reconcile. Bertha is exhausted and threatens to quit. Eventually, the situation is combed out, with Robert becoming involved with the forceful Gretchen, Bernard keeping the feisty Gabriella, and the independent Gloria leaving to find a more pliable husband.

    NB - Female characters also named Jant, Judith and Jacqueline (English version).

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Dana Anderwald
2019, Gloria Hawkins
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2018, Gabriella
Frinton Summer Theatre
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Beth Colley
Set Designer
2018, Set Designer
McGrigor Hall
Jan Hirst
Jan Hirst
2018, Berthe
The English Theatre of Hamburg
Melissa Berry
Melissa Berry
Stage Manager
2018, Stage Manager
The McGrigor Hall
Stephen Chance
2018, Robert
Hannah Brackstone-Brown
2018, Gretchen
McGrigor Hall
Chris Moses
Chris Moses
Sound Engineer
2018, Lighting and Sound Design
Plaza Theatre, Romsey
Emma Archibald
2017, Berthe
Stephanie Folkins
2017, Gretchen
Toby Smith
Toby Smith
2017, Production Manager
The Marlowe Studio
Elizabeth Mae Hagen
2017, Actor - Gabriella
Caitlin Walker
2017, Gretchen
Coastal Carolina Community College
Jimmy Rutherford
2017, Bernard
Marlowe Theatre
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2017, Gretchen
Lexy Dewland
Lexy Dewland
2017, Gloria
Cabaret Theater
Krystal Barrera
2017, Gloria
Fuller Theater
Rob Gretta
Rob Gretta
2017, Director
Hilary Lang
Hilary Lang
Lighting Designer
2016, Lighting Designer
Brandon Gillespie
2016, Bernard