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  • Author
    L. Frank Baum
  • Overview
    Dorothy is a little girl who lives in Kansas with her Aunty Em and Uncle Henry. One day she's playing happily with her dog Toto when Miss Banister, the horrible school maam, accuses her dog of biting her and takes him away.

    Dorothy is very upset at losing her best friend and then to make things worse she gets caught up in a hurricane. After being knocked unconcious she wakes up in the unfamiliar land of Oz where her journey begins.

    After meeting the good fairy and asking her how to get back home she is directed down the yellow brick road towards the beautiful Emerald City where she must go and see the mighty Wizard of Oz and ask for his help.

    Along the way she makes some wonderful friends, the Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion. They are not without their own problems as the Scarecrow has no brain, the Tin man, no heart and the Lion has no courage, so they all go along with Dorothy to see if the Wizard will give them what they lack.

    When they get to the Wizard all is not what it originally seems and just when it seems Dorothy is about to get home a new magical adventure begins.

    The story was also adapted into a 1975 musical titled 'The Wiz'.
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: The Wizard of Oz

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Alternative Names

The Wiz, The Wizard Of OZ (RSC), The Wizard Of Oz (RSC Version), The Wizard of Oz the Pantomime, The Wizzard of Oz, Wizard of Oz, Wizard of Oz (RSC), Wizard Of Oz Scene, Wizzard of Oz