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  • Author
    Ben Jonson
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    With his master Lovewit resting in the country to avoid an outbreak of plague in London, his clever butler, Jeremy A.K.A.Face, develops a scheme to make money and amuse himself. He gives Subtle, a charlatan, and a prostitute named Dol(Dororthy) Common access to the house. Subtle disguises himself as an alchemist, with Face as his servant; Dol disguises herself as a zealous Puritan. Together, the three of them gull and cheat an assortment of foolish clients. These include Sir Epicure Mammon, a wealthy sensualist looking for the philosopher's stone; two greedy Puritans, Tribulation Wholesome and Ananias, who hope to counterfeit Dutch money; Drugger, a "tobacco man" hoping to marry the wealthy widow Dame Pliant; Dapper, an incredibly suave, fashionable, good-looking 17th-century gentleman, and other minor figures looking for a short-cut to success in gambling or in business.
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    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: The Alchemist