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  • Author
    Graham Greene
  • Written
  • Overview
    Adapted for the stage by Giles Havergal.

    "Travels With My Aunt" is the theatrical distillation of a 1969 novel by Graham Greene about a retired bank manager named Henry Pulling, "a rather static character," as he says of himself, so bound to habit that the death and funeral of his mother offer a break in routine that he finds himself "agreeably excited" by.

    At the funeral service he meets his mother's redoubtable older sister, the 75-year-old (or thereabouts) Augusta Bertram, who promptly tells him that his dead mother was not his real mother, and less promptly but no less firmly persuades him to leave his own life behind and accompany her on her travels around the world. Expeditions to Brighton, then to Turkey, France, Argentina and Paraguay follow, as do encounters and assignations with police chiefs, C.I.A. operatives, World War II collaborators, smugglers and dictators.