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  • Author
    Michel Tremblay
  • Setting
  • Overview
    A translation of ‘Les Belle-Soeuers’, by Michel Tremblay.

    The play was originally written in Quebec French, but has also been translated into Glaswegian by Bill Findlay and Martin Bowman:

    Set in a Glasgow tenement in the sixties ‘The Guid Sisters’ explores the relationships between women – the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Germaine Lauzon has won a million Green Shield stamps and, this not being a modern day lottery, she has to stick them all into booklets in order to claim her prizes.

    To this end she invites her friends, family and neighbours round for a stamp-licking party. As the evening unfolds the women share stories - some funny, some outrageous and some simply sad – and gradually cracks begin to show in the sisterhood. One by one the women begin to pilfer the booklets until finally Germaine notices her missing stamps and the night comes to an explosive end. But despite their differences, the women are not entirely divided, united in their shared victories and miseries and their love of the Bingo, (beautifully demonstrated by the ‘Ode to Bingo’ performed by the entire cast in chorus) Theatrical, moving and fabulously funny, The Guid Sisters is Tremblay’s love-letter to women everywhere.