Play directory : Brezhnev's Children

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  • Author
    Olwen Wymark
  • Setting
    Moscow 1985
  • Overview
    based on Julia Vozneskaya's The Women's Decameron, is set in a Moscow maternity hospital in 1985. Seven mothers are held in an isolation ward against their will, separated from their babies and the outside world due to a spurious "infection". The repressive regime that holds them there is represented by a high-handed Doctor, a Nurse Ratchett-like Sister and a put-upon Maid. In order to cope with their incarceration (and possibly to keep themselves sane) the quarantined women tell stories of their pasts - and eventually form a bond which enables them to defy their oppressors.

    It soon transpires that the seven women all have very different backgrounds and lives. Valentina is a law-abiding Party worker whom the others regard with deep suspicion. Opposing her, Galina, an agitator whose friends have been imprisoned on political grounds. Theatre director Larissa despises men and has chosen to have a child alone; meanwhile, Irina claims to be happily married, but eventually reveals the pain of her husband's drunkenness and infidelity.