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  • Author
    George Eliot
  • Written
  • Overview
    The Mill on the Floss essentially narrates the history of a tragic relationship between Maggie Tulliver and her brother, Tom, whose childhood closeness is progressively fractured by the pressures and demands of life. These pressures and demands are thrust to the fore with the loss of their father's mill to his rival, the lawyer Wakem, and the fall of the Tullivers from social respectability. The ensuing plot developments serve to highlight the alternative ways in which Tom and Maggie cope with such adversity, and how they cope will turn out to have been “programmed” by their emotional formation so lovingly documented in the extensive account of their childhood. Thrown suddenly into the adult world by the death of his father, Tom's imperative need for social power and status results in his dedication to the acquisition of money and family honour. Repeatedly he privileges these social abstractions over the warmth and happiness of the real loving community that his family is ever able to offer him. As head of the family Tom tries to manoeuvre Maggie into a socially advantageous marriage, and then severs all ties with her when she refuses to co-operate. The artificial divisions created by social conventions are only overcome when death renders clear the primacy of natural love over the false medium of social ritual and status.
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    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: The Mill On The Floss

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Alternative Names

Mill on the Floss