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  • Author
    Brian Friel
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Dancing at Lughnasa is the tale of 5 unmarried sisters – the Mundy
    sisters – who share a house in Donegal; rural Ireland. They are all very
    different individuals. Eldest sister Kate is the most conservative and
    leads the rest of the sisters in a hierarchic fashion, which creates a
    lot of tension especially between Christina and Kate as Christina has
    an illegitimate child Michael. The play is told through Michael’s eyes.
    Friel chooses to set this play in an overly Roman Catholic Ireland
    where the sisters’ unwillingness to live according to the norms of the
    village is apparent. One of the most memorable scenes in the play is when
    the sisters let loose and dance around their kitchen table, finally
    letting all their pent up emotions free. Rose the youngest sister is
    mentally handicapped and Kate serves as her guardian and parent thus leaving
    her own life on the shelf. The only men in the Mundy sisters’ lives are
    Christina’s long absent love, the flighty Garry and Uncle Jack. Garry
    strolls in and out of his son’s life whilst Jack (who was a priest in
    Africa) seems unable to get over leaving African. The family lives
    within the strains of economic breakdown brought about as the result
    Ballybeg’s narrow mindedness. This play draws similarities between pagan
    rituals in rural Ireland and life in Africa exhibited through the use of
    symbolism. Though Dancing at Lughnasa is a simple tale of family life it
    displays injustice, loyalty and love in a break-wrenching manner.

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