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  • Author
    Harold Pinter
  • Written
  • Overview
    Pinter's first play.

    After the play opens with Rose talking to a mostly-silent Bert Hudd, while serving him breakfast, as occurs at the beginning of The Birthday Party, Bert, who appears to be a truck driver, leaves to drive off in his "van". Rose is visited by a young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Sands, who are looking for a flat, and by her landord, Mr. Kidd, who, in the first production and recent revivals, was played by its original director, Henry Woolf. A blind black man, named Riley, who has purportedly been waiting in the basement according to the Sands and Mr. Kidd, becoming a source of concern for Rose, suddenly arrives upstairs to her room, to deliver a mysterious message to Rose from her "father". The play ends violently when Bert, returns, finds Rose stroking Riley's face, delivers a long sexually-suggestive monologue, and then beats Riley until he appears lifeless, possibly murdering him, after which Rose herself becomes blind.