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    Hans Christian Andersen
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    Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale, first published in 1884 is a classic tale of the triumph of good over evil. It is often adapted, sometimes with music, as a children's play.

    A wicked mirror that has the power to distort all it reflects falls to earth. Kai is playing with his sister Gerda, when a shaft of the glass pierces his eye and freezes his heart.

    'Bad' Kai is then enchanted and kidnapped by the beautiful but cruel Snow Queen who takes him on her sleigh to her palace of ice.

    Gerda then embarks on a quest to save him . Her adventure takes her across mountains and rivers and she encounters a band of robber bandits. It is a friendly woodpigeon who leads her to the palace.

    She finds Kai in the vast, empty white palace. He is surrounded by shards of ice as he tries to solve a puzzle set for him by the Snow Queen. Gerda throws her arms around him and weeps. He then starts to cry and his tears dislodge the piece of mirror from his eye, setting him free. The children solve the puzzle, spelling the word 'Eternity' from the shards. Gerda and Kai then run from the palace and back home...where they live happily ever after.

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Fiona Guest
Fiona Guest
Assistant Stage Manager
2014, Set Designer
John Lyon Hall
Graeme Skingle
Graeme Skingle
Set Designer
2010, Set Designer
Unity Theatre, Liverpool

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