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  • Author
    Caryl Churchill
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    The story of an ancient fairy who, during the course of the play, transforms into a plethora of objects and people as it pursues Lily and Josie, two teenage mothers whom it befriends, manipulates, seduces and entraps. Whilst speaking English in its human incarnations, the Skriker’s own language consists of broken and fragmented word play. Blending naturalism, horror and magical realism, it is a story of love, loss and revenge.

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Connected mandy members:

Lauren Esin Coomber
2019, Skriker/Brownie
Emily Collier
2019, Black Annis/ Ensemble
Clifftown Theatre
Matthew Belby
2019, Bogle/Dark Fairy/RawHeadAndBloodyBones
Katherine Abbott
2019, Skriker
Clifftown Theatre
Sapphire Hadas
2019, Skriker/ Black Dog/ Thrumpin
Clifftown Theatre
Gloria Berton
2018, Skriker (Derelict woman, Small child, Marie)
Drayton Arms Theatre
Alice Winter
Alice Winter
Stage Manager
2017, Stage Manager
Lipa, Sennheiser Studio Theatre
Jonathan Blaydon
2017, Johnny Squarefoot, Yallery Brown and The Hag
Shannen Turner
2017, Lily
The Lir Academy
Daniel Sellick
Daniel Sellick
2017, Producer
Eliot Vincent
2017, Green Lady/Dead Child
Jack Herauville
2017, RawHeadAndBloodyBones
Sennheiser Studio
Martha Godber
2017, The Skriker
Hazel Wilson
Hazel Wilson
2017, Lily
Sennheiser Studio Theatre, LIPA
Gabriella Gonzalez-Bello
2017, The Skriker
Hilary Hodsman
2017, Black Dog, Black Annis, Great great great Grandaughter
Styx 5 Ashley Road, London N17 9LJ
Emma Russell
Emma Russell
Deputy Stage Manager
2017, Costume Supervisor
The Lir Academy, Studio 1
Sophia Catleugh
2017, Multirole
Nathan McGowran
2017, Johnny Squarefoot/ Brownie
Daniel Goodhand
2017, The Kelpie