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  • Author
    Charlotte Bronte
  • Overview
    Jane Eyre, a penniless orphan left in the care of her cruel Aunt Reed is bullied by her cousin John Reed. After Jane complains of her treatment in the Reed household she is unsympathetically sent off to Lowood boarding school, a charitable institution. After some miserable years spent at Lowood she becomes a teacher.
    Also during her time at Lowood she becomes friends with Helen Burns a girl from the North-East who sadly dies from consumption.

    On leaving Lowood Jane is sent to Thornfield Hall to become governess to Mr Rochester's daughter, a little French girl called Adele. Despite Jane plainness, the strong and handsome Rochester starts to fall in love with Jane's gentle wit and strong character, and his feelings are reciprocated by Jane. Things come to a head when Rochester holds a party for the Ingram family and the beautiful but selfish Blanche Ingram comes to stay. When Blanche leaves, Rochester asks Jane to marry him which she accepts and could not be happier.
    Sadly their marriage is stopped at the last minute when it is revealed that Rochester already has a wife - a lunatic who has been living in the attic all the time that Jane was at Thornfield. After this revelation Jane flees and after nearly dying on the moors is taken in and cared for by St.John Rivers and his two sisters Mary and Diana.
    Jane agrees to marry St.John and accompany him to India on missionary work. Just before their marriage she receives a telepathic appeal from Rochester and feels compelled to return.
    On returning to Thornfield she finds it has been burnt down by Rochester lunatic wife, and in his attempts to save his wife from the flames Rochester has been blinded. Jane finds Rochester utterly miserable and dejected. As she is still in love with him she agrees to become his wife and restores his happiness.
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: Jane Eyre

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