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  • Author
    Conor McPherson
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    The play opens in a rural Irish pub with Brendan, the publican and Jack, a car mechanic. These two begin to discuss their respective days and are soon joined by Jim. The three then discuss Valerie, a pretty young woman from Dublin who has just rented an old house in the area.

    Finbar, a real estate agent, arrives with Valerie, and the play revolves around the four men who vie for her attention. After a few drinks, the group begin telling stories of Irish folklore. After each man has told a story, Valerie tells her story: the story of why she left Dublin. Valerie's story is melancholy and true, and the men become softer, kinder, and more real.

    The play is typically Irish, sad and sweet, and is as much about lack of close relationships and missed connections as it is about anything else.

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4 known characters

4 known roles

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