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  • Author
    D. M. Bocaz-Larson
  • Overview
    Peggy has dies but does not have her wings yet her mission is to go back to her life on earth to be an diffrent person to find out what she did wrong and to change that in her time on earth she meets plenty of people nice obnoxious and loving. But the story is not just about Peggy and her mission as there is Kate (teenager waitress) who is bullied by Heather who is an obnoxious teenager who always takes money out of her paycheck by not paying for somthing she had ate.
    Alice the 50's dinner manager , Rick an teen who lost his girlfriend in an car accident who is fancied by Kate,DAVID a mysterious man who offers to help PEGGY in her mission. But of course there's an angle GABRIELLA who guids Peggy upon the stairway.

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