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  • Author
    Arthur Schnitzler
  • Overview
    'The Blue Room' by Arthur Schnitzler, is a ten-act
    play in which ten different characters have separate
    sexual adventures, but all are connected.
    All the stories are intimate with a dark twist, this
    usually being a slight comedy edge or some personal
    development of the characters.
    The acts are always with two characters, which, are
    always one male and the other female. In each act, the
    characters share a game of power, domination,
    subservience and sex.
    This balance shifts consequently with the
    characters desires and submission; For example, in the
    first act, we meet the characters: the Cab Driver and
    The Girl.
    At first the girl uses her youth and (forced)
    enthusiasm to seduce the Cab Driver, who in turn,
    switches the power balance by first warming to her
    advances, only then to become the dominant personality
    in this act by convincing the girl to have intercourse
    only on his terms.
    This then is switched around in the second act when
    the same Cab Driver has a liaison with another
    character, The Au pair. These characters have a
    different game of power, ending with the 'naive' Au
    pair satisfied with her Independence and the
    'confident' Cab Driver with his uncertainty in being
    All these games of who has power over who,
    fluctuate as each character seeks to gain sexual
    gratification from the other. Whether this is for a
    thrill, romance or just to FEEL something, depends on
    the what that particular character lacks in their

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Alternative Names

Blue Room