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  • Author
    Bill Naughton
  • Overview
    Set in London during the early sixties, Alfie Elkins
    introduces himself to the audience after emerging from
    his car and yet another 'back-seat romance'­ this time
    with Siddie. Our ladykiller hero Alfie then continues
    through a series of commitment-free relationships
    leaving in his wake a trail of devoted women. It is
    only his attachment to Gilda which shows any potential
    for a meaningful relationship and yet Alfie eventually
    abandons even her,along with a newborn baby.
    Fortunately for Gilda, the long suffering yet faithful
    Humphrey is there to pick up the pieces of her life.

    Hospitalised by a bout of tuberculosis, Alfie proceeds
    to try and foist his own lifestyle onto fellow
    sufferer Harry. His next conquest is stolen from his
    rival Lofty until the mundane Annie propels him into
    the arms of
    the sexy Ruby.

    The transformation from the happy-go-lucky first half
    of the play sees the audience seized by the
    less-than-exciting life of Lily, Harry's wife.
    To our surprise, Alfie can't help himself seduce even
    her. Tragically, she becomes pregnant and goes to his
    flat for what at the time was an illegal termination
    by the back-street abortionist Mr Smith. On seeing the

    aborted fetus lying in a dish on the table, Alfie
    falls apart in a scene of self-realisation and flees,
    abandoning Lily to her fate. Alfie's life is now
    coming back to haunt him and finding Ruby in a
    relationship with his rival Lofty - a younger man - is
    as much as he can take. Now Alfie is learning life's
    lessons himself. Siddie has also moved on and
    reappears at the end of the play to bring the action
    full circle.