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  • Author
    Shelagh Stephenson
  • Overview
    One of Britain's hottest new playwrights has come forth with The Memory of Water, a play about three sisters who return home after the death of their mother. Throughout the play, the sisters struggle over who remembers which events more clearly, only to find that individual memories and experiences can become fuzzy, and that family stories, many times re-told, become free game to be re-shaped and detailed until the story develops so far that it surpasses the memory. Playwright Shelagh Stephenson states that when she started writing the The Memory of Water, it was set at a family birthday party. During the development process, Stephenson lost her mother, and the play took a dramatic turn, shifting from one family event to another. Yet the age old tradition of recollecting family stories, bound by love, laughter, anger, and tears is still the center of this bittersweet, life affirming comedy.

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Alternative Names

memory of water