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  • Author
    Alan Ayckbourn
  • Written
  • Setting
    A Large Victorian Manor House
  • Overview
    At The Pines, a reputedly haunted house and former brothel, Elizabeth is planning on leaving her husband Roland. She has called on her brother, Mark, to comfort Roland when he finds her note. However Mark, a man whose monotone sends people to sleep, is preoccupied with the fact his fiancée, who jilted him at the altar, has been picked up for soliciting by the police. He brings her back to The Pines, puts her in the spare room in the attic and leaves again.
    Roland is hoping to buy The Pines from a local builder, Bainbridge, and Tristram, a none-too-bright solicitor, arrives to complete the sale. A drunk Roland arrives home and reads Elizabeth’s note and breaks down, imploring Tristram to stay the night. Tristram agrees and stays in the master bedroom while Roland sleeps in the attic. Kitty, interrupted writing a suicide note, hides in a cupboard and is trapped when Roland moves the bed across the door.
    Elizabeth, meanwhile, has decided against her course of action and returns home and crawls into bed with, she presumes, Roland. She proceeds to seduce Roland – not realizing she is in bed with a terrified Tristram, who has heard of the house’s ghost and believes he is being seduced by Scarlet Lucy (who, so the legend goes, will then kill him at daybreak after the seduction).
    Dawn breaks and Tristram has more to fear from Mark, angry that he slept with his sister. Violence is prevented when the suicide note is discovered and mistakenly attributed to Roland. Believing he has overdosed, they try and keep him awake but Mark’s voice sends Roland and Elizabeth to sleep. Tristram discovers Kitty and a mutual attraction. They fall asleep and are discovered by Mark, who again asks Tristram outside to sort matters out.
    Bainbridge turns up, unrecognizable in biking leathers, and is mistaken for a burglar and is subdued by Elizabeth. Eventually all is resolved as Roland comes round and identifies Bainbridge and completes the sale. Roland celebrates and Tristram and Kitty leave together. Mark is left having bored himself to sleep and Elizabeth stands on the doorstep, another note in her hand. Will she stay or will she go?

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2 known roles

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