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  • Author
    Michael Bennett
  • Overview
    The characters portrayed in "A Chorus Line" are, for the most part, based upon the lives and experiences of Broadway dancers. This show is dedicated to anyone who has ever danced in a chorus or marched in step . . . anywhere.

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17 known characters

9 known roles

Connected mandy members:

Teagan Paton
Teagan Paton
2018, Paul SanMarco
South Cheshire College
Calum Macgregor
2015, Paul San Marco
Mark Fallon
Mark Fallon
2015, Paul
Christian Diaz
2013, Paul San Marco
Riana Isenberg
2012, Paul
Ellis McCarthy
2012, Paul San Marco
Aaron Jenson
Aaron Jenson
2012, Paul San Marco
Avondale Theatre
Patrick Kelly
2012, Paul
Northern Stage
Aizaac Sidhu
Aizaac Sidhu
2011, Paul
Stephen O'Riain
2009, Paul San Marco
Battersea Arts Centre
Finlay Harris
2007, Paul San Marco
East Kilbride Village Theatre
Nick Saunter
Nick Saunter
2006, Paul San Marco
Westgate Pavillion
Albert Giannitelli
2005, Paul San Marco
Daniel Knight
2003, Paul
Gaiety Theatre, Isle of Man
David Sandham
2002, Paul
Trinity Theatre

Alternative Names

A Chorsuline, A Chorus Line Musical, A Chouras line, Chorus Line, The Chorus Line