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  • Author
    Howard Korder
  • Overview
    Life on earth? tells the stories of a coach party of travellers who unexpectedly crash and are mistakenly taken to limbo. On arrival they are greeted by a group of mischievous Gods who push them to their limits to reveal their sins. Aided and abetted by the fabulous Angel Dancers and the vibrant Dream Team the travellers attempt to justify their lives through comedy and song to the ?not so bright? Gods in order to return to earth and the people waiting for them. Meanwhile, on Earth, the people they have left behind have been told the coach has crashed and the passengers are missing, presumed dead. While waiting for further news they come to realise the value of friendship and hope. The ?colourful? cast includes: the hostess; cabaret girls; gamblers; a married couple; a jilted bride; a group of lovesick teenage girls; young lovers; a poor boy; a teacher and her class; and a husband accompanied by his son leaving his wife behind on earth. ?Life on Earth? is a fun and lively musical full of favourite show and popular tunes, bringing to life some of the most prestigious contemporary composers.