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  • Author
    John Godber
  • Overview
    Bouncers: they can make or ruin your evening out on the town just by lifting their arm. Will the hand attached beckon you inside? Or will it halt you with flat palm, turning you away?

    Whatever the outcome you know you don't want to mess with them. But did you ever give any thought to the lives these gruff men lead, the things they see, the worries they have and the fantasies they lose themselves in? Set 'oop north' Bouncers, by John Godbar, gives four actors the chance to stretch to the very ends of their range. One moment, you're face to face with an audience member, scaring them to their very core. The next, you're prancing around with a handbag, playing the part of ladies of the night. Can you do a Swedish accent? You'll need to. Can you dance in time to music with the same frenetic quality as Michael Jackson? You'll need to pull that out of the bag as well.

    Bouncers allows the audience to see the lives of over twenty characters played with aplomb by four versatile actors on stage. It's a literal roller coaster of a play, starting with anticipation and excitement, carrying on to anger and regret and finishing with vomit, and lots of it. It's not short on humour and allows the actors to engage with the audience in a way that is rare on the theatre scene.

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