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  • Author
    Charles Dickens
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  • Overview
    Oliver follows the fortunes and misadventures of the young Oliver Twist, an orphan who grows up under the strict and watchful eye of Mr. Bumble, in an orphanage so horrible he is strictly punished for daring to request a second helping of gruel! Eventually expelled, he undergoes yet another period of ill treatment as an apprentice to the local undertaker, where he is painfully neglected, abused and further exploited. Always dreaming of the mother he misses so terribly, he eventually escapes and falls in with the Artful Dodger and his ragged band of mischevious street urchins, learning to pick pockets in return for shelter and food from the mysterious, charismatic Fagin.

    Enchanted by the urchins' lovely lady friends Nancy and Bess, Oliver begins to enjoy his new way of life, in spite of the foreboding shadow cast by the mysterious and terrifying Bill, but his life is thrown into upheaval once again when he is taken in by a kindly middle class family who intend to bring him up as a gentleman. But the sinister Bill is not ready to let Oliver go and it is not long before his colourful past begins to catch up with him.

    This is a vibrant and hugely entertaining play filled with music and spectacle, where brilliant comedy and tragic poignancy combine to create a wonderful story and a deeply thought provoking experience.

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Andrew Farish
Andrew Farish
2015, Director
Touring Germany, France.
Jodi De Souza
Jodi De Souza
2005, Director
Kensington Temple, Notting Hill

Alternative Names

Neil Bartlett's Oliver Twist