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  • Author
    William Shakespeare
  • Overview
    Essentially a spin off from Henry IV, The Merry Wives of Windsor was presumably
    created to give another outing to the popular figure of Falstaff. This play
    sees the broke Falstaff attempting to simultaneously woo two Windsor wives
    (Mistresses Page and Ford) to access their husband?s wealth. However the
    wives are quickly onto his plans and set about humiliating him. The jealous
    Master Ford sensing something is afoot and mistrusting his wife also becomes
    caught up and ultimately shown the error of his ways.
    The subplot concerns Anne, the daughter of Master and Mistress Page, whose
    hand is sought by three suitors. Mistress Page wishes to give her to the
    Frenchman Dr Caius, Master Page to the inept fool Slender, while Anne herself
    has fallen in love with the young reformed playboy figure of Fenton.
    The play is resolved during a masked set piece in the forest, where Falstaff
    is humiliated a final time then forgiven. Meanwhile Caius and Slender who
    think they are marrying Anne are tricked into marrying boys while Anne herself
    marries Fenton. True love triumphs, loveless arranged marriages fail, jealous
    love, adulterous love and hubris is punished by the witty wives and everyone
    (with the exception of the Frenchman Caius) goes home happy in this well
    crafted jolly English romp.

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Alternative Names

Merry Wives of Windsor