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  • Author
    Henrik Ibsen
  • Overview
    With her father dead and her finances weakening, Hedda Gabler, a beautiful aristocrat, settles on marriage to the tiresome bookworm , Tesman. Frustrated by the inability to control her own destiny, by refuting societies expectations on her class and sex and becoming independent, Hedda must endure Tesman'fs studies, his aunts expectations and a modest lifestyle that bores her. Her only escape comes from the predatory Brack who she refutes as a sexual partner but who fascinates her. With no productive value in life, Hedda'fs destructive ways increase upon the arrival of Thea Elvsted to her home. Once bullied by Hedda, Thea has had the courage to leave her dull, aging husband to be with Eilert Lovborg, the man Hedda loved, but whom she would not dare be with. Eilert's subsequent arrival at the Tesman house with a new manuscript of great scope, which not only threatens Tesman's financial future but also compounds Hedda'fs monotonous matrimony and her undisclosed unwanted pregnancy. Through manipulation she tries to take control of Lovberg's destiny leading to the loss of his manuscript and his eventual assisted death. When Brack seizes this opportunity to blackmail Hedda, she refutes society'fs constraints with her own suicide
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: Hedda Gabler

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Alternative Names

Hedda Gabbla, Hedda Gabbler, Hedda Gabla, Hedda Gabler