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    A fairytale about two happy children whose lives take an unhappy turn when their mother dies and their father remarries. The new edition to the family unit is too much for their meagre finances and their Step-Mother is forced to resolve the situation. She convinces the Father that they must lose the children in the woods. The plan is overheard and the children manage to foil it the first time but they are taken by surprise the second time with only bread with which to mark their path and the birds eat it during the day. Lost in the woods they come across a candy house which entices them into the witch's clutches. Once inside she makes Gretel her slave and attempts to fatten Hansel up for her dinner. After some time Hansel tricks her and Gretel pushes her into the oven. The children escape and return to a very warm welcome at home, where their fa ther (and in some versions their Step-Mother as well) has regretted leaving them in the wood and begs forgiveness.