Member Discounts

As Mandy has grown, we've been able to negotiate a collection of discounts and offers exclusively for our members. The companies listed below have approached us with fantastic deals for our members. Do feel free to contact them about any area of their expertise – no doubt they will be happy to help.

22 Mandy Discounts

141 Photographer Discounts

59 Showreel Discounts

  • VideoEditor4U
    50% discount VideoEditor4U

    I can edit an amazing and professional show-reel showing off your talent.

  • Ultimate Showreels
    50% discount Ultimate Showreels

    Ultimate Showreels are an exciting new company taking your showreel to the next level!

  • Redcliff Production
    35% discount Redcliff Production

    We are a newly established production company, providing video production services for any medium including events, weddings, music videos, actor showreels, promotional video and shorts. The company i...

  • DemoStudio UK
    25% discount DemoStudio UK

    Demostudio are a unique music creation and production service based in the UK. Whether you’re a performer looking to record a Voice Reel or a songwriter looking to have your ideas transformed into an...

  • Get Your Clips Out
    25% discount Get Your Clips Out

    Get your work seen at the click of a mouse with 'Get Your Clips Out'. The fast and affordable Showreel editing service.

  • Nightpiece Media
    25% discount Nightpiece Media

    Nightpiece is an independent, low budget film production company with five features and countless shorts delivered. In recent years we have worked closely with the actors we have used to deliver their...

  • For Reelzies
    25% discount For Reelzies

    Fast, effective and VERY affordable showreel service for actors. Follow on twitter - @forreelzies

  • Pelinor
    20% discount Pelinor

    I am a highly experienced video editor who works regularly with TV production companies. I promise to make the session quick, professional and worry-free, whilst catering to your individual needs.

  • Brian Barnes Showreel Services
    20% discount Brian Barnes Showreel Services

    Hello, I’m Brian Barnes. I make effective showreels & voicereels to present you in your best light.

    20% discount

    At, we provide a relaxed environment to create your voice over demo. There's no clock watching or worrying about extra charges for spending too long in the vocal booth.

  • Slick Showreels
    20% discount Slick Showreels

    Slick Showreels primary aim is to create something that DOESN'T look like you've had a showreel made. We know how casting professionals think, and we craft your showreel specifically for you.

  • KAB Media
    20% discount KAB Media

    MULTIPLE OFFERS ON NOW: KAB Media is an independent videography company based in Yorkshire, England. Providing Photography, Showreels, headshots and much much more. At KAB Media, we are also avid...

  • Electric Reels
    20% discount Electric Reels

    'Electric Reels' is all about showcasing you, and your abilities. From a handful of clips, I can create three minute showreels, that aim to show you, doing what you do best.

  • SingingDemos
    20% discount SingingDemos

    Singing demos has been one of the leaders in the voice and vocal reel industry for the past 5 years and has helped many performers reach their goals and succeed with securing jobs and agents.

  • R.R Reels
    20% discount R.R Reels

    Actor show-reels.Short Films. Music Videos.Complete multi actor scenes arranged.

  • Silvertip Films Ltd
    15% discount Silvertip Films Ltd

    We produce, shoot and edit Acting Showreels! We can edit your reel from existing material either remotely or with you and we can shoot new material for the reel.

  • 15% discount Showreel Sorted

    Showreel Sorted offers a quick and easy way to get your showreel edited and sorted so you can work on sending it out and booking work. I will work with you to ensure you get exactly the showreel you a...

  • The Soundworks
    15% discount The Soundworks

    The Soundworks is based in Barnet, North London. We have a well equipped recording studio for producing voice-reels and vocal demos. We also offer a website development and hosting srvice. The...

  • Black Shed Studios
    15% discount Black Shed Studios

    Black Shed Studios is a voice showreel production company in the leafy surroundings of Crystal Palace.

  • A1 Showreels
    15% discount A1 Showreels

    We offer a unique, high quality, bespoke SR service for those wishing to showcase their ability & aid progression in the entertainment industry. OFFER: 1st 5 clients will receive a 50% discount!

  • Silver-Tongued Productions
    10% discount Silver-Tongued Productions

    Silver-Tongued Productions has a wealth of experience and understanding in producing high quality voice reels, at a competitive price. We will guide you through the whole process of recoring your...

  • Macheath Productions
    10% discount Macheath Productions

    Reels cut/re-cut to positively answer the seven questions TV casting directors will have about you before they’ll risk putting you into a screen audition.

  • The Reel Deal Showreel Co.
    10% discount The Reel Deal Showreel Co.

    If you're browsing through the showreel companies listed on CCP, then you may be a little bewildered by the amount of choice and that's understandable. The thing to remember is it's not the editing th...

  • showreels4u
    10% discount showreels4u

    showreels,editing,filming,actors showreels

  • Deep Cut Productions
    10% discount Deep Cut Productions

    For examples of my work please visit my website! 10% DISCOUNT FOR CCP MEMBERS!

  • Sugar Pod Productions
    10% discount Sugar Pod Productions

    Sugar Pod is a creative Voice Production Company & Voice Over Agency. We specialise in creating high quality showreels for actors wanting to get into voice over work, and we regularly run popula...

  • Shoereels
    10% discount Shoereels

    We are professional video, audio and graphics designers geared to creating the best show reels and audio demo reels for actors.

  • Audio Factory
    10% discount Audio Factory

    Glastonbury based Production Company Audio Factory has developed a unique voice reel production service that they have honed with the help of Somerset based voice artists. Their ‘bring a friend’ recor...

  • Noisy Things
    10% discount Noisy Things

    With years of recording experience and a successful career as a professional actor, I can offer a unique experience and a product that will shine in the high expectations of today's performing industr...

    10% discount DRAMA DIRECT LTD


    10% discount SHOW'n'REEL

    Need a showreel? We make industry-standard showreels FROM SRATCH (from as low as £100) or if you already have a wealth of footage grab our 'Edit Only' package and get the showreel you need!

  • 10% discount Tom Ward-Thomas Showreels

    Tom Ward-Thomas provides showreels that focus on channeling the actors casting as well as offering a strong variety. An actor and director himself, he knows what is needed from a showreel, and what ca...

  • LintonsPhotos/Showreel Central
    10% discount LintonsPhotos/Showreel Central

    Show reels/ Photography/ Head shots/ Video editing/ Photo editing/ Colour correction and more.

  • Bliink
    10% discount Bliink

    We are a Creative Production studio, we tell stories through animation, film and interactive design.

  • Working Voicereels
    10% discount Working Voicereels

    Serving London, Guildford and the South East for over 10 years, providing professional service for working voices. Reels for singers and v/o actors with mixing and mastering starting from £100.00

  • Killer Reels
    10% discount Killer Reels

    Killer Reels specialises in cutting footage for showreels, filming interviews/events and producing presenting reels and promotional videos. The company works from The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

    10% discount

    Voice actor and radio host, producer 30 years

  • The Portable Studio
    10% discount The Portable Studio

    We offer affordable Voice & Singing Reels and we bring the studio directly to you!

  • 666 Recordings
    10% discount 666 Recordings

    Affordable recording studio based in Kent just 45 mins from London Victoria. £75 per session which includes 2-3 hours recording plus editing, mixing etc. Students get £10 off.

  • Shine Showreels
    10% discount Shine Showreels

    Shine strives to be the showreel company of choice for actors in the Square Mile, throughout London & beyond. With 20 years’ experience in Broadcast TV, we create a stunning reel of your best work.

  • Headshots & Showreels
    10% discount Headshots & Showreels

    In addition to prviding Actors and other industry professionals with new Headshots and Showreels, I also offer the opportunity to create showreel material from scratch.

  • 10% discount Flying Fig Voicereels

    Flying fig Voices provide bespoke and original voice reels for very competitive prices. Being a voice actor and director, I pride myself of getting the best out of every actor I work with.

  • The Sound Garage
    10% discount The Sound Garage

    I am a small recording studio and publishing company from Bedford, working with actors and musicians. All voiceover work welcome as well as sound creation.

  • Notable Voice Reels
    10% discount Notable Voice Reels

    "fast, incredible quality and extremely affordable, far better experience than the big soho studios"

  • Actors Edits
    10% discount Actors Edits

    Operated by Johnny Neal, an actor with over 20 years of industry experience and knowledge, and over 15 years editing experience. We craft snappy, clean showreels that aim to show you at your best.

  • Real Voice Reels
    10% discount Real Voice Reels

    A Voice Reel company based in London providing professional, slick reels for great actors.

  • Showreel Editing by Anthony Holmes
    5% discount Showreel Editing by Anthony Holmes

    A successful showreel is one that helps actors get more work. Using the right clips in the right way maximises your chances. Anthony Holmes has 20 years experience as a specialist showreels editor.

  • Crying Out Loud Productions
    5% discount Crying Out Loud Productions

    Crying Out Loud has been creating Voicereels for 14 years and is now the number one supplier in the UK. Both Marina and Simon are practitioners in the industry with a combined 35 years experience.

    5% discount

    Actor specific web sites or single web page With over six years experience, we aim to offer our services to actors who would normally struggle to afford "the going rate" for a web presence.

  • 5% discount David Angus Audio

    DAVID ANGUS AUDIO NORMAL PRICE TO ACTORS -Full Audio Demo: £450 - This includes Commercials, Dramatic monologues, Documentary extract, Corporate Promos, Narrative extract, poetry, - WITH A 10% DISC...

  • SonicPond Studio
    5% discount SonicPond Studio

    SonicPond: This project studio in the heart of Islington has been making voicereels since 1998, and is run by actor/producer Martin Fisher.

  • 5% discount Bolt Tight Showreels

    Please take a gander at for examples of recent showreels, scenes & films shot by us :) My motto is the 3 M's: no Montage, no Monologues to camera & no longer than 3 Minutes!

  • Show You're Reel
    5% discount Show You're Reel

    An Actor Needs A Show Reel - Fact! Not just to showcase your individual talent but to reach the end goal of “Getting that Next Job”. We Script, Shoot and Edit completely bespoke showreels.

  • The Showreel Shack
    5% discount The Showreel Shack

    The Showreel Shack is a brand new company that specialises in editing actors' showreels.

  • Angela Ness
    5% discount Angela Ness

    Angela Ness is a Scottish voice artist. She has a soft Highland accent and is available for corporate, advertising, narration and any of you voice requirements.

  • Unreel Showreels
    5% discount Unreel Showreels

    London-based showreel editors for actors. Showreel editing, showreel updating - from minor changes to a whole new reel - we'll make you a reel that gets you noticed

  • Anubis Productions
    5% discount Anubis Productions

    Anubis Productions; West Country based, produce professional standard show reels from script to screen, with original, taylored scripts. Current price is £300 per actor per complete show reel service.

  • Pro-Actor Showreels
    5% discount Pro-Actor Showreels

    An affordable, professional London based 'showreel from scratch' company for the proactive, professional actor, with the option of high quality completely bespoke scripts written for you.

  • Grappling Hook Showreels
    5% discount Grappling Hook Showreels

    Home of High Quality Showreels for Actors, Presenters, Directors, Dancers & Fight Performers. We understand the importance of a strong reel that’s specific to you and, above all, affordable!