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    Dan Johnson
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    I am dedicated to crafting personalised showreels that capture the unique personality and abilities of each client. My focus is on creating believable, human performances; to create a reel that you'll be proud to have out there in the industry.

    I work with experienced actors and new graduates. Whatever your experience level, let's take you to the next level.

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  • Amanda Gerrard
    Amanda Gerrard
    Daniel is a very talented writer and director. It was great working with him and the other actors. I would definitely recommend Daniel's work.
  • Brigid Lohrey
    Brigid Lohrey
    I have used Dan several times for my showreel and he's brilliant - the scripts are tailored to you and the shoot is professional. Definitely recommend!
  • Helen Twomey
    Helen Twomey
    Daniel took his time to get to know me and firgure out what scenes would work best for me. The enviroment on the day was relaxed which allowed me to really enjoy the experience.
  • Tom Benjamin
    Tom Benjamin
    Dan works with you from the ground up to craft a showreel that is completely unique and tailored to your needs. His scripts are always of the highest quality, and he’s completely open to conversation if things need clarifying or don’t work in a particular scene. Filming days are a pleasure, and the end result is polished and beautifully edited, while keeping at its core the most important thing to showcase-your work as the actor.
  • Amy Balmforth
    Amy Balmforth
    Incredibly professional yet personal experience as he superbly creates scenes that are unique to your own casting and abilities and showcases you at your best in a brilliantly individual manner!
  • Lampri Dimitriadi
    Lampri Dimitriadi
    Daniel does amazing scene writing work, they're very cleverly written and have quick wit. He also directs the scenes to make sure he gets the best out the actors and keeps the set atmosphere fun, relaxed and creative. I recommend Daniel Johnson unreservedly to anyone wanting a showreel that showcases their acting through clever scripts and great quality video!
  • Tierney Fitzgerald
    Tierney Fitzgerald
    Highly recommend
  • Watson Rose
    Watson Rose
    Daniel was amazing to work with. He is thoughtful and communicative, and really tries to tailor the experience to each client he works with. Wonderful bespoke scenes for a unique showreel.
  • Mariah Loizou
    Mariah Loizou
    I really enjoyed working with Daniel, on my showreel. I felt comfortable in the environment and he brought some delightful actors to work with. I am very pleased with my quality showreel.
  • Rachel Wilkes
    Rachel Wilkes
    Daniel, is such a pleasure to work with. From the start, to the end of the process, you get a very professional yet caring service that is tailored just to fit you. Daniel takes the time to meet and get to know you so that he can write scenes that are appropriate to your casting type and your personality. Not many showreel services do this! Daniel creates scenes that are natural and focus on the drama between the characters rather than looking cinematic with fancy sets or costumes. On the day of shooting, there's a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere between all involved. No need to be nervous at all. I did have to wait a few weeks to get the final edited showreel but I had mine done just before Christmas and New Year so this was understandable. The quality of the final product was worth the wait.
  • Lauren Clancey
    Lauren Clancey
    I was really happy with my showreel. Dan writes bespoke scripts after a face-to-face consultation. He creates little snippet scenes that are perfect for capturing your best moments. Dan is a detailed director who helps fine tune your character choices. He gets very busy so make sure you book in advance :)
  • Charlotte Whiting
    Charlotte Whiting
    Daniel helped me feel completely at ease, was very clear and upfront about costs and with his direction. Would definitely recommend.
  • Francesca Baker
    Francesca Baker
    Daniel creates your personalised scripts, creatively directs them and exquisitely edits it for you. If there was anything I wasn't sure about, or wanted to change Daniel was extremely flexible, and was always available to have a discussion. He created a dynamic, engaging and extremely comfortable environment to work in. From beginning to end, working with Daniel was incredibly fun and professional. Creating my showreel couldn’t have been easier. I am really happy with it, and can’t wait to work with Daniel again.
  • Casey Bird
    Casey Bird
    Very pleased to share my actors showreel, Filmed by the fabulous Daniel Johnson. Daniel wrote, directed, filmed and edited each scene and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I felt very much at ease on the filming day and Daniel really catered to what I was after in a showreel. Very professional, very relaxed, couldn’t recommend higher!
  • Danni King
    Danni King
    Working with Daniel was a great pleasure, he is so easy to get along with and I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking to update their showreel with a new scene.
  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell
    Daniel is the best possible showreel producer you can find. He really knows what makes a good showreel and brings his invaluable experience and creativity as a writer, director and editor to deliver a reel that presents the actor in the best possible light. You can find him at www.danieljohnsonfilms.co.uk
  • Libby Grant
    Libby Grant
    Daniel wrote 3 bespoke scenes for me and gave me exactly what I'd hoped for. Everything was finished in a short amount of time and to such a high quality, couldn't recommend him more!
  • Patrick O'Sullivan
    Patrick O'Sullivan
    A very likeable, professional film maker, who writes, produces, directs and edits his own films.
  • Evangeline Beaven
    Evangeline Beaven
    From the Mandy Monologue Competition I received a bespoke showreel from Dan, and how lucky I was. He is delightful to work with, hires other fantastic actors for me to work with, is engaging, lovely and you only have to look at the product to know that is a good quality showreel. I cannot thank Dan enough for his hard work, encouragement and passion.
  • Jess Lloyd-Jones
    Jess Lloyd-Jones
    Completely brilliant to work with, understood exactly what I needed in a showreel.
  • Daniel Robert Leigh
    Daniel Robert Leigh
    Excellent service from start to finish! 3 Excellent scenes, bespoke made, high quality filming, direction and editing and all round good bloke. I can't recommend Daniel Johnson's showreel service highly enough.
  • Rosanna Thornwood
    Rosanna Thornwood
    I am so pleased with my showreel by Daniel! He really works hard to create scenes and characters specifically for you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable on set. The whole process of working with Dan was so much fun and I would definitely recommend his services to any actor after a high quality showreel.
  • Alexander Hopwood
    Alexander Hopwood
    Very fun, relaxed shoot. Lovely bespoke scripts suited exactly to you.
  • Jac Cullen
    Jac Cullen
    I had a fantastic time creating these scenes. The actors involved were lovely passionate people along with the crew. Its always a pleasure to be in such an environment. Great writing and overall a wonderful experience. Daniel Johnson is a respectful, passionate filmmaker and highly recommend using his service if your in need of a show reel.
  • Scarlett Maltman
    Scarlett Maltman
    Daniel is a genius. He created my reel from scratch, wrote three very different scenes tailored specifically for me that were gritty, comedic and mature. I never thought I could have such a versatile reel showing a range of looks, acting ability and casting - but I have. I had a great laugh and enjoyed the whole process of the reel and I am one very happy client ready to further my acting career.
  • Bobby de Courcy-Hughes
    Bobby de Courcy-Hughes
    Fantastic writer, director and editor. Highly recommend him.
  • Sophie Guiver
    Sophie Guiver
    Daniel is great. very relaxed and produces the best natural work from you.
  • Leander Buerk
    Leander Buerk
    Dan was and is an incredible guy. The job he does must be difficult, as when he dealt with me I was nervous and unsure of myself, never having done a showreel before. But after an initial call on Skype to chat about myself and what I wanted from the reel, I quickly relaxed and opened up to his calm, cool and friendly approach. He kept in regular contact about scripts, appointments and how the day of filming would go down. When I finally arrived at the location, he was right on time with the first of my co-actors. After a brew and a chat we began rehearsing the scene and then filming. He offers excellent direction with out ever being judgemental or condescending, as he only wants to get the best out of you for yourself and for him. All the actors he employs to help shoot the reel are friendly, highly skilled and professional. After the end of the shoot (where he also bought me lunch) we discussed the next steps before I made my way home. Just a few short weeks later dan had edited and delivered my showreel which looked fantastic and has already helped me generate ten times the interest in my looks and abilities than before I had the showreel. I will be returning to dan for more scenes in the future!
  • Rebecca Eliza O'Brien
    Rebecca Eliza O'Brien
    Daniel is great to work with and writes scenes to suit your casting type best. Produces a high quality professional showreel.
  • Abby Carter
    Abby Carter
    Fantastic Director, three unique scenes written for me, exactly what I wanted, highly recommended.
  • Hannah Grace-May
    Hannah Grace-May
    I would highly recommend Daniel for his showreel service! Daniel listened completely to what I wanted my showreel to reflect and his expertise really brought it to life. I am so, so, so happy with the finished product and can't recommend him enough!
  • James Evans
    James Evans
    Incredibly talented writer,videographer and editor! Very welcoming with great communication, had an all round great experience would highly recommend using Daniel! 5*
  • Roman Wood
    Roman Wood
    Daniel is a one man gang, literally! Everything from the directing, DOP, sound, editing and script was all Daniel. He was an absolute pleasure to work with offering great advice when it was needed for the character/scenario prep.
  • Amy Christina Murray
    Amy Christina Murray
    I would 100% recommend Dan's Showreel Service. His bespoke scenes are tailored to each individual and his direction and focus is on point! A really relaxed yet focused day of filming- excellent!
  • Matthew Harrison-James
    Matthew Harrison-James
    Dan has a most laid back and friendly demeanor this brilliantly belies the hard work, effort, time and attention to detail he puts into his production. Each client is unique and treated as such, a true professional.
  • Dawn Skelton
    Dawn Skelton
    I am so glad I got Daniel Johnson to create my showreel. His bespoke scripts were spot on, as were his casting, directing and editing skills. My showreel was ready in a reasonable time frame and at a fair price. All this and he's also a genuinely nice guy!
  • Patrick Carney (Junior)
    Patrick Carney (Junior)
    I highly recommend Daniel Johnson who wrote me 3 original scripts, which I think sum up the type of roles that suit me and this after just 40 minutes of a chat in his office.
  • Patrick Carney (Junior)
    Patrick Carney (Junior)
    Inspired by the recent passing of his unsung war hero grandad and very relevant to my own circumstances, Daniel Johnson came up with this masterpiece....I hope I do it justice.
  • Elizabeth Coyle
    Elizabeth Coyle
    I had received cheaper quotes and ones closer to me but looking at Daniels site and previous testimonials I decided to go with the expense. It was worth it. Very professional, accommodating and fun. At every stage he checks you are happy with the work. The scripts are tailored to what characters you can/want to portray. He films in different locations for each scene. Edited to a professional standard and he checks that you are happy with the final edit before delivering. All I can say is first class service.
  • Debbie O'Hare
    Debbie O'Hare
    Great process with Scripts to suit and plenty of time taken on the day to perfect your scenes.
  • Joel Dyer
    Joel Dyer
    Friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgable service. It was a pleasure to create and work together.
  • Aaron Gordon
    Aaron Gordon
    Daniel is a very friendly and efficient filmmaker. If you need a showreel from scratch or even a scene to add. I thoroughly recommend him.
  • Damian Cooper
    Damian Cooper
    Its a fantastic service! Well worth doing if you want your showreel updating.
  • Connah Andrews
    Connah Andrews
    Fantastic writer and director. Very professional, easy to work with and a lovely guy.
  • Joe Middleton
    Joe Middleton
    Daniel was professional to work with throughout the process and was great at directing too. He made me feel very comfortable during filming which certainly helped.
  • Charlie Dupre
    Charlie Dupre
    Daniel developed and shot material specifically for me based on an initial meeting. A skilled writer/filmmaker, he was perceptive and insightful, the process efficient and enjoyable. Highly recommended.
  • Kimberley James
    Kimberley James
    Daniel edited my reel- he was friendly, professional and totally took on board my thought and feedback as well as providing some really useful and creative ideas on the edit. Highly recommended!
  • Peter Sharp
    Peter Sharp
    Dan was great to work with. He writes all the scenes himself so each showreel is different.He provides a fast, reliable service.
  • Aimee Barrett
    Aimee Barrett
    Daniel's Showreel Service is wonderful.
  • Ian Renshaw
    Ian Renshaw
    Daniel writes scenes specifically for each client. He's been doing this for over a decade and his work is very slick and contemporary. Working with him and the other actors was a great pleasure.
  • Rebecca Dale
    Rebecca Dale
    My new fantastic showreel, that was written, directed, filmed and edited by the amazingly talented Daniel Johnson.
  • Hugo Trebels
    Hugo Trebels
    Daniel is great to work with - really easy going and also really takes on board what you would like to get out of your showreel. He is an excellent writer, a patient director and makes awesome coffee! Highly recommended!
  • Georgia Ringwood
    Georgia Ringwood
    Quick and easy, no fuss from start to finish. Relaxed approach with fantastic results!
  • Alicia Sutton
    Alicia Sutton
    A brilliant showreel editor who also makes a cracking cup of tea
  • Kristina Dargelyte
    Kristina Dargelyte
    I was amazed at the work and insight put in by Daniel. He made my showreel better then I could imagine myself. He was very thorough, and made sure all the bits look good, put in his creativity and editing talent to make it work for my benefit. Very happy and thankful client.
  • Natalie Russell
    Natalie Russell
    Any actor or actress looking for a showreel should go with Daniel. He offers highly professional showreel packages to suit anyone and the best thing is he gets to know you, writes for you and directs for you. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I would recommend him to anyone that wants good quality material from someone who knows what their talking about!
  • Grace Willis
    Grace Willis
    "Daniel was recommended to me by another actress who shared not only was he super-talented at editing showreels but that he also does a great job writing material for you if you need to bulk it up. I employed him for both and was super-impressed. He is very professional and you can trust he will produce you a great showreel as he wouldn't have it any other way!"
  • Jaymi-Brooke Stritter
    Jaymi-Brooke Stritter
    Daniel was great to work with - creative, professional and good fun! His showreel service is tailor made to showcase an actor's specific performance strengths. A talented writer and director who I would definitely recommend.
  • Scarlett Marshall
    Scarlett Marshall
    Daniel Johnson helps really bring your showreel to life, having worked as a director he has a brilliant understanding of what casting directors are looking for. He is reliable and professional and yet entirely puts you at your ease helping you create a personal showreel that shows you off to your best. I couldn't be happier with Daniel's work on my showreel and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.

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