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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • Anthony Macina
    Anthony Macina

    Ended up finding an old contact after posting but before going live, however Mandy was instrumental in finding our cinematographer, production designer and actors.

  • Spades Entertainment
    Spades Entertainment

    Amazing site. Thank you.

  • Magdalena Korpas
    Magdalena Korpas

    TESTIMONIAL I have been acting since for ten years now. I have lived and worked in Paris, LA, Poland and now here in London. I subscribed to casting platforms wherever I practised my profession. Never before have I experienced a casting platform quite like Mandy. Since using their services I have found myself with constant quality work. I have acted in TV series, films and commercials. Due to work gained through Mandy, I have also met several useful contacts in the industry. Every day I spend under Mandy’s wing, I am realising my acting dreams and aspirations. In my opinion, it’s the best platform out there. We all know how difficult the industry can be but Mandy has connected me with professional casting directors, film makers and producers. It is very well designed, user-friendly amd highly professional. In a couple of clicks, I can apply to a wide anging selection of casting calls. Mandy is innovative. Mandy offers scope for exciting collaborations. Mandy gets you where you want tp be. As a final bonus, as an aspiring writer, via Mandy I have met someone interested in producing my own film. Thank you Mandy for allowing me to realise my dreams.

  • Orbital Media
    Orbital Media

    Great service, keep it up!

  • LAfirstep

    The overall level of professionalism of the applicants was good. Mandy made it easy to post the job and to review all the applications. Great service.

  • Marble Mountain Films, LLC
    Marble Mountain Films, LLC

    Thanks. That really helped and I go plenty of people to choose from.

  • Alternative Films
    Alternative Films

    Thanks again.

  • Harjeet Dhillon
    Harjeet Dhillon

    I have nothing but positive things to say about I have been a member as long as I can remember and I honestly never used to apply to many castings or use it much. Once there was a charge to be featured monthly and access paid listings, I started to take it more seriously. From February 2017 I have made more than enough to cover my membership fees for over 5 years, maybe closer to 10 years. I hear back often for auditions and have been featured in a corporate video for TD Canada Trust and Yummy Catering...amongst others. I have also used it to post castings and have received a positive response. If there are any issues with the castings, that is not a issue as they are unable to verify every casting. I am based in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada and Mandy offices are UK. Every time I have had any issues, the customer service has been excellent. As long as I am serious about advancing as an actor I will be renewing my membership.

  • Elena Hart
    Elena Hart

    Good platform for filmmakers and artists to find each other and collaborate!I have met many similar minded people that I worked on film projects with.

  • Mark

    Great service! I have used Mandy many times before and will continue to use it.

  • Bernard Pellegrinetti
    Bernard Pellegrinetti

    Mandy has found me 2 modelling jobs, and 1 acting role since September. No auditioning was necessary for any of the above. The employers discovered me through Thank you! Bernard Pellegrinetti. 19/12/17

  • Michael Connors
    Michael Connors

    Huge thank you to the Mandy Actors team (Amelia, Kat and Kiana) for their help in getting my show-reel onto my profile. Really fantastic. I can't thank them enough!!

  • Restless By Nature
    Restless By Nature

    Many thanks - this service is brilliant at networking film professionals in a safe environment.

  • Saguaro FIlms
    Saguaro FIlms

    The candidates submitted by Mandy were first rate.

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer

    This site is fantastic. I received numerous applications of ideal candidates, unfortunately the location for our shoot fell through, and I need to reschedule the production. Such is the life of independent filmmaking. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate circumstance, and look forward to using this site again in the future.

  • 5K Productions
    5K Productions

    Good platform!

  • j walter thompson
    j walter thompson

    Many thanks, very helpful service!

  • Fuzzy Duck
    Fuzzy Duck

    Found the actor! Ta!

  • Optimist Creations
    Optimist Creations

    Thank you, that made our casting process efficient and easy.

  • Wordley Production
    Wordley Production

    We may potentially hire an applicant from We have had an overwhelming response so we are closing applications. Interviews will be held shortly.